Section 184 Certificates – Six Things You Need to Know

In a recent SCA NSW fortnightly webinar, Daniel Radman from Grace Lawyers delves into the fundamentals of Section 184 Certificates.

The certificate is an important document that provides important financial information relating to lots in a strata scheme. It’s an important way for those looking to buy into a strata property to understand the financial health of the sceheme.

Here are six things about Section 184 Certificates that you need to know:


Who Can Request a Certificate? 

A certificate is a request made to the owners corporation and can be requested by the owner, mortgagee, covenant chargee or a person authorised by them.  


Can a Certificate Request be Requested Over the Phone? 

No, the request must be in writing and accompanied by the prescribed fee as per the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 (Schedule 4 – $109 or $94). 


When do I Need to Give the Certificate? 

The certificate must be given no later than 14 days after the request in writing.  


What Needs to be Included in a Certificate?  

A certificate is not just any piece of paper; it is a comprehensive document that delves into various financial aspects of the lot and the strata scheme. It must include: 


  • Details of regular periodic contributions for the lot, including payment periods and applicable discounts. 
  • Any outstanding unpaid contributions, specifying amounts and levy dates. 
  • Information on unpaid common property rights by-laws or by-laws made under section 108. 
  • Details of contributions levied under section 81(4) and any associated rate of interest payable. 
  • Proposals for funding the 10-year capital works fund plan. 
  • Whether a strata renewal committee has been established under the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015. 
  • And any other information necessary to complete the certificate.  


Additional resource: Section 184 Certificate 


What Else Should Be Included in a Certificate? 

In addition to financial matters, the certificate must also include the names and addresses of each member of the strata committee, strata managing agent and building manager. 


What Additional Information Needs to be Included in a Certificate if the Strata Scheme is Part of a Community Scheme? 

 For strata schemes that are part of a larger community scheme, additional information is required in the certificate. This includes details of regular periodic contributions to the administrative and capital works funds of the community association, any unpaid contributions, levy dates and corresponding information for precinct schemes if applicable.