All members of our Strata Manager Chapter are ‘PROFESSIONAL STRATA MANAGERS’.

SCA (NSW) strives to ensure that all strata manager members are able to deliver

services to the public that are of the highest professional and ethical standard.


Benefits of SCA (NSW) Education

Last Chance CPD Roadshow

Yet to complete your OFT CPD requirements? Join us for our Last Chance CPD session on March 14. Covering all 4* Compulsory CPD topics.

Face-to-face sessions and roadshows brought to you by the Education Centre

Follow your curiosity, build your experience, and create invaluable connections by attending the SCA (NSW) Education Centre roadshow and face-to-face sessions. 

Are you looking to expand your knowledge and get up-to-date with the latest trends in the strata industry? Then don’t miss the upcoming sessions!

Our sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, connect with peers, and gain valuable insights into the latest developments in strata management.

Face-to-face sessions are available at the following regional locations, or can be scheduled at a convenient in-house location.

Contact us to book your face-to-face session or roadshow at education.nsw@strata.community 

The sessions listed above are available, along with complimentary 3-hour PSS compulsory modules, for the member only price of $449 plus GST per person, or $500 plus GST per person for non members.

Direct face-to-face sessions can be arranged at a location of your choice or brought to your office. Contact us on the email above for more details. 

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