GOVT confirms $55.2 million for improved housing, fair deal for renters and strata communities.

In an exciting update from the 2024-25 NSW Budget. The government is putting $55.2 million into improving housing, making life easier for renters, and strata communities.

Advocacy Win for strata

Following collaborative, sector-wide campaigning from strata industry and consumer groups. $11.8 million is set aside for the Strata and Property Services Commissioner to educate owners corporations. Also, $3.5 million over the next two years will be dedicated to the Strata Hub, which will centralise information for people living in or owning strata properties.

Better Quality Homes

$35 million is going to the Building Commission NSW to upgrade their digital tools and improve building standards across the state.

Fairer Deal for Renters

They’re also dedicating $8.4 million to hire more rental inspectors and engagement officers to help the Rental Commissioner enforce quality standards for rentals.

For further information head to the NSW Govt website – A Budget to deliver more houses and better homes | NSW Government