SES NSW Volunteers

SCA (NSW) is proud to support SES NSW volunteers, who are a big part of our community.

The NSW SES Volunteers Association is an organisation set up for the benefit of the thousands of Volunteer members of the NSW SES. They provide representation and many support services for our members. NSW SES VA works closely with the NSW SES to achieve common goals and represent the voice of its Volunteer members.

It takes thousands of dedicated NSW volunteers from across the state to provide emergency assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The New South Wales State Emergency Service Volunteers Association (NSW SES VA) was established in 1998 to represent the views and concerns of NSW SES Volunteers to both NSW SES State headquarters and the State Government.

In recognition of the need for the NSW SES Volunteers to have a Volunteer member body and a voice to Government the NSW SES VA was recently enshrined in the NSW State Emergency Service Act 1989.

To enhance the role of the NSW SES Volunteers in a way that provides for the betterment of the NSW SES and the individual.

To provide the necessary resources, including the impetus, opportunity and tangible benefits needed to enhance the role of NSW SES Volunteers for the betterment of the NSW SES that will result in better prepared NSW SES volunteers and safer communities across NSW.