SCA (NSW) Board Gender Equality Policy


SCA (NSW) has a SCA (NSW) Board Gender Representation Policy which is aimed at getting a greater female participation rate on the NSW Board by employing certain strategies.

SCA (NSW) has since been granted an exemption under section 126A of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 to provide a mentorship program for females only in order to achieve our gender equality aim. Our Policy has been updated to reflect this and to provide clarity around the purpose and aims of the mentorship program.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, females currently make up 50.7% of the Australian population. Although SCA (NSW) does not currently collect gender statistics, anecdotal evidence suggests that female representation at Assistant Strata Manager and Strata Manager level within agencies throughout NSW is significantly higher than male representation.

The current SCA (NSW) Board feel strongly that the composition of the Board should reflect both our membership base and, more broadly, our customers across NSW. At present the Board is predominantly male and this is something that needs to be addressed.

While the SCA (NSW) Constitution stipulates that Board members are elected by the membership base via an open election, we can change through the nomination process and by supporting new initiatives that encourage more women to participate on the Board as well as on committees.

One strategy to encourage and support greater representation of women is through the development of the SCA (NSW) Board Mentorship Program for Women in Strata.

Each year, two female strata professionals will be selected to participate in a mentoring program with current SCA (NSW) Board members. The program aims to educate women in strata about the operations of the SCA (NSW) Board and the responsibilities and activities of Board Directors.

Participants will receive one on one mentoring from a current Board member and will be invited to attend several Board meetings as an observer. At the end of the program, participants may, by mutual agreement, be nominated to stand for election to a Board position.

Women in strata who are interested in the Board Mentorship Program should read the policy before completing the application form. Once completed send to the SCA(NSW) General Manager.

Current Board members are also available to talk to you about their experiences so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Chapter representative.

There will be a mentorship program in 2023, with more information available after November 2022.