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The Strata Hub is an initiative of the NSW Government to provide better transparency, accountability, better regulation and more engagement for owners and residents of strata schemes in NSW.

The hub will allow for key information to be accessible to schemes, service providers and the government, which will allow for better visibility of a strata schemes statutory requirements to help ensure well managed schemes.

Digital tools will facilitate proactive intervention and support as well as allow important messages to be delivered to schemes from emergency services, councils and regulators. Here it is important to note that private information WILL NOT be publicly available and only used by the regulators where necessary (see further information below).

Under the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Information) Regulation 2021, strata schemes will be required to report information each year via the Strata Hub online platform. You can access the regulation here https://legislation.nsw.gov.au/view/pdf/asmade/sl-2021-773.

Strata scheme reporting due 31 Dec | three ways to report

Reminder: there is an upcoming deadline for schemes to report key building, management and safety information to NSW Government.

You can choose how to provide your reporting:

  • individual reporting for each scheme – This is ideal if you are reporting for less than 20 schemes
  • a software integration option to ‘bulk upload’ reports for multiple schemes – Ask your software provider to connect your software to the Strata Hub
  • bulk upload using spreadsheets (now available) – If you have expertise in Microsoft Excel. 

For each of the reporting options, you need to log into the Strata Hub to review your responses and complete the relevant declarations and payments.

This is to ensure best practice privacy, security and flexibility of payment processes.

To find out more, visit the Reporting multiple schemes webpage.

Reporting due 31 December 2022
Remember, all NSW strata schemes must complete annual reporting. Strata schemes that don’t report by 31 December 2022 will:

  • need to complete two years of reporting in 2023
  • risk penalties which may apply from 30 June 2023.

For more details, you and your clients can visit the Strata annual reporting web page.

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