Submissions and policy

Submissions to the NSW strata law review

SCA (NSW) Submission on the Strata Schemes Management and Development Regulation 2016

SCA (NSW) Position Paper on strata law review 2012
ISTM Submission on rewrite of the Home Building Act

Other NSW Government submissions

SCA (NSW) submission; Building and development certifiers regulation 2019

SCA (NSW) submission: Proposed Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019

SCA (NSW) submission: Proposed Amendments to the Property, Stock, and Business Agent Regulations

SCA (NSW) Submission; Short Term Rental Accommodation Regulatory Framework 

SCA (NSW) Submission: Certification of Annual Fire Safety Statements

SCA (NSW) Joint Submission on Home Building Compensation Fund Reform
Home Building Regulation 2014 review – response from SCA (NSW)

SCA (NSW) policy position papers

Community Renewal
2012 Policy Position

Links to NSW Government papers

Strata Schemes Development Bill 2015

Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015

Community Title Scheme law reform position paper 2014
Strata Title Law Reform – Position paper 2012
Shaping future communities: strata and community title law reform paper