All members of our Strata Manager Chapter are ‘PROFESSIONAL STRATA MANAGERS’.

SCA (NSW) strives to ensure that all strata manager members are able to deliver

services to the public that are of the highest professional and ethical standard.


2024 Committee Nominations have now closed!

Our committees are invaluable forums that help drive our industry forward and ensure key expertise and skills are accessible to the association.

In 2024 there will be four standing committees*:

  • Education

  • Policy & Legislation

  • Professional Code of Conduct

  • Risk & Finance (Board Members Only)

*Other committees are to be held on a needs and project basis throughout 2024


The power of our work comes from the tremendous contribution, energy and ideas of our members. Our committees are invaluable forums that help drive our industry forward as well as strengthen connections across the industry.

Professional Conduct and Oversight Committee

Key Goals & Objectives

  • To actively represent the interests of the Professional Conduct and Oversight Committee.
  • Responsible for regularly reviewing ethical conduct complaints received against its members and work in line with the Board to ensure an effective outcome.
  • To actively:
    (a) Process complaints
    (b) Processing guidance and/or recommendations to the board
    (c) Formulate a communication and noteworthy outcomes
    (d) Publish and promote the Code of Conduct to Members from time to timeand as amended
    (d) Recommend educational topics for the membership

Policy & Legislative Committee

Key Goals & Objectives

  1. To actively develop for SCA (NSW) board consideration and ratification, from time to time
    (a) policies relating to matters of public interest arising from the strata sector, for wide dissemination to interested parties; and
    (b) Responses, in a timely manner, to proposed legislative interventions affecting the strata sector.
  2. To provide support to the Secretariat reviewing current policy and legislation and preparing recommendations for board consideration

Education Committee

Key Goals & Objectives

  1. To review and make recommendations on the structure, offerings and content which will be provided to members in the NSW CPD & PSS CPD year.
  2. To draft Education Content outcomes for new CPD/PSS topics to assist the content contributors & Education Manager for each CPD year.
  3. To deliver recommendations to the National Education Advisory Board and industry bodies on topics to be considered for compulsory modules.