Happy Anniversary Bannermans Lawyers

Bannermans Lawyers has just celebrated 10 years in business and what an amazing 10 years it’s been.

Bannermans started with just three people – David Bannerman, his wife Sarah and brother-in-law Matthew Jenkins.

“A few things happened that triggered the new firm – the need to move to other premises and that my father wanted to stay in Parramatta, while I wanted to go to the North Shore,” says David.

So Bannermans Lawyers started in North Sydney and what was three people is now 31.

Over that time David says there have been a number of satisfying wins, particularly, winning against Australia’s largest development companies.

“It’s been great being able to deliver good results for clients who should not have had to fight for their properties in the first place. If only property developers and builders did better work. Then again I might be out of a job.”

David has learnt a lot along the way the main thing he says is to stay focused.

“If you stay client focussed and give clients what they need and surround yourself with a great team, especially a long-term core team, you can achieve more than you can imagine.”

David acknowledges he couldn’t have achieved a successful 10 years without a few people.

“Special thanks, to Mum and Dad for setting me on the path and Matthew who has been with me from the beginning. My wife Sarah for always being there, and Susan Myers for always pulling me into line.”

While David says that there haven’t been any stand-out moments, he says an “omg” moment was when he found himself in a strata meeting that went for six hours.

“It has been a great 10 years, we like to work hard and have fun doing it. And now for the next 10.”

Happy anniversary Bannermans Lawyers.