2017 CHU Strata Community Awards winners: Strata Community Manager

Daniel Cockerell receiving his award from Strata Manager Award sponsor BAC Insurance Brokers

Strata Community Manager: Daniel Cockerell, Strata Choice

Daniel Cockerell is upfront, honest and empathetic and it is these qualities along with some good old-fashioned confidence, that won him Strata Community Manager 2017 at this year’s CHU Strata Community Awards.

Almost ten years ago Daniel started working at Strata Choice and has built his career here moving up to branch manager of Strata Choice’s CBD office two years ago. Here he manages 16 staff as well as a small portfolio of high end properties.

“I manage a small portfolio of around 700 high end lots and have been very successful with these as I am able to empathise with their needs. These clients have certain expectations which I understand and deliver on,” Daniel explains.

This can also be quite challenging as Daniel is often working with wealthy, well-educated movers and shakers.

“One of my buildings is under compulsory management as it’s had long-term political issues. My task is to get it to move with the times and so far my approach to show empathy has achieved some results, which is very reassuring.”

The other focus Daniel has is the entrepreneurial side of the business. He has been helping grow the Strata Choice brand and looking at potential acquisitions.

“I am proud to have reached a senior level despite only being 29. A few people comment on me being young but I believe if you are passionate and focussed on what you do and where you want to be it doesn’t matter what age you are.

“For me its an honour to be in this role and I am very excited about where the Strata Choice brand may go next.”

Daniel describes his leadership style as non-conventional, inclusive, fun, direct and process based.

“I am always there for my staff and believe that we can grow as a team with a way of delivering great service in a way that sets us apart from other companies in this industry.”

He likes the diversity being both a strata manager and branch manager brings.

“I get a buzz from winning new business, achieving team success and conquering the challenges brought about by managing the most difficult properties.”

Winning Strata Community Manager for 2017 meant a sense of accomplishment for Daniel.

“I felt that it validated that I was on the right path and the years of struggle were put in perspective and became worthwhile. Having this award means I can do some more marketing and bring in even more business.”

Just after winning the award, Daniel set off on a trip of a lifetime travelling through Morocco.

“Life has to offer stimulation and while I have no problem working hard, my down time has to be something where my mind switches focus. Travelling around Morocco was just what I needed. It was exciting, busy, beautiful and out of my comfort zone.”

It will be interesting to see what it is Daniel does next.