Ways to reduce plastic waste

We’ve all come to realise the dreadful impact that plastic waste has on our environment. Who can forget the images of birds choking on plastic bottle rings or the ocean heaving with all sorts of plastic materials.

We need to be more thoughtful about our plastic use. According to the City of Sydney (CofS), only 9 percent of all plastic gets recycled. So thanks to the Cofs guide here are some tips on how you can reduce your plastic use. The key is looking for more sustainable alternatives.

  • Use a refillable coffee cup and water bottle – lots of cafes offer discounts if you bring your own cup and places like Bundanoon in the NSW Southern Highlands have banned plastic water bottles selling only ones that can be refilled.
  • Banish the plastic utensils and carry your own that can be taken home and washed (or washed at the office).
  • Say no to plastic straws. Many places offer paper straws (ladies you don’t have to leave a lipstick mark on your cocktail glass) and you can always invest a few dollars in a metal or bamboo one of your own.
  • Ditch the plastic bags. Yes, even the ‘reusable’ ones. Who are they kidding – they’re still plastic. Cloth bags are great as they can be washed.
  • Bamboo is your friend – increasingly its being made into toothbrushes, cotton buds, straws. The more we demand them the cheaper they will become, and bamboo is sustainable.

The CofS has other tips as well. These are just some that you can adopt immediately.