Safe disposal of household chemicals

We all have them lurking in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry cupboards -household chemicals. And they can be very, very nasty.

As this City of Sydney article states it’s confusing to know what to do with them. How do you dispose of leftover paint, old motor oils, batteries and household cleaners? You can’t put them in the yellow bin and never, ever pour chemicals or paint down the drain.

Luckily the NSW Environment Protection Authority and most local councils band together to provide residents with Chemical CleanOut days where you can take your nasties and they will dispose of them correctly.

According to the City of Sydney “over the past decade, inner city residents have safely disposed of 240 tonnes of household chemicals at these events.”

The EPA says that “Many materials collected at CleanOut events can be recycled or reused with special processing. By coming along to Chemical CleanOut, residents will not only work towards reducing pollution, they will also be helping to recycle.”

Check with your local council as to when the next Chemical CleanOut day is near you and get rid of those nasties correctly and safely.