Strata Stakeholders: Key Differences Between a Strata Manager, Property Manager and Building Manager

Within strata communities, there are several stakeholders who are involved in managing common property, private property, and the building itself.

Each stakeholder plays an important part in overseeing the complexities of a strata scheme, and the differences between their roles are quite significant.

In this article, we explain the role of the strata manager, the property manager, and the building manager.

Strata Manager

A strata manager manages an Owners Corporation on behalf of all lot owners and operates under the direction of the Strata Committee.

Their responsibilities are divided between administration, finance, and community management. Their core duties include:

  • Administration, including meeting preparation, managing correspondence, and general secretarial duties
  • Accounting and financial reporting, including levy collection and arranging payment of invoices
  • Legal compliance, including insurance, and issues of notices, orders, and certificates
  • Building maintenance, specifically common property, such as gardens, pool and barbeque areas, lifts, and parking areas
  • Enforcement of rules and bylaws within the strata scheme

Property Manager

In contrast to a strata manager, who represents the interests of all lot owners and manages common property matters, a property manager works on behalf of an individual lot owner and focuses on private property issues.

As their job title implies, they are responsible for the management and maintenance of a single lot – be it an apartment, unit, townhouse, or other strata title property – within a strata scheme.

They act as the middleman between the property’s landlord and the tenant. Their primarily responsibilities include:

  • Finding a suitable tenant
  • Collection of rent
  • Property maintenance
  • Property inspections

Building Manager

A building manager, also called a facilities manager or caretaker, is unique from the others previously mentioned as they are usually stationed on-site.

This proximity enables them to easily manage the daily cleaning and maintenance required to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the building and facilities.

They are responsible for reporting any needs for building repairs to the strata manager and they are the point of contact for any contractors engaged to perform work on common property.

In addition to managing and maintaining common property and common property assets, building managers also:

  • Provide security by managing property access for tradespeople
  • Act as a concierge for short stay accommodation and deliveries

The building manager typically operates during business hours Monday-Friday, with reduced hours over the weekend.