Smoke alarms

We are reminded that since 2006 smoke alarms have been mandatory in all buildings in NSW where people sleep.

Most building fire fatalities occur when people are asleep and a correctly installed smoke alarm increases time available for a safe escape. If you are a landlord, you must:

– install and maintain smoke alarms in your rental properties

– replace the battery in the smoke alarm at the start of each tenancy

A landlord, agent or their representative can enter the rented property to fit or maintain smoke alarms after giving the tenant at least 2 days’ notice. If you are a tenant, you are responsible for replacing batteries in any battery-operated smoke alarm as needed. Nobody can remove or interfere with a smoke alarm’s operation without a reasonable reason (such as a repair needs to be made). Fire and Rescue NSW can assist those physically unable to change a smoke detector battery. Visit the Fire and Rescue NSW website or call the Smoke Alarms Helpline on 1300 858 812 for more information.