Creating mentally healthy workplaces

Everyone’s mental health is important and ensuring the workplace is mentally healthy should be a top priority given we spend so much time at work.

SafeWork NSW is currently offering a free WHS expert advice program to help NSW businesses create mentally healthy workplaces.

The WHS expert advice program is being delivered by Assure Programs via an online tool. This tool evaluates a business’s current workplace mental health capabilities, identifies areas for improvement and provides them with tailored expert advice and resources, including a personalised plan. This plan will include how to assess and manage workplace factors in the workplace, how to create a positive workplace culture and support services and tools.

How to register

To register your interest for this program, please complete the form on the mental health at work website: Once your application is submitted, SafeWork NSW will be in contact to let you know if you are eligible.

Why participate?

This initiative is part of the NSW Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy 2018-2022 (strategy), which was launched by the NSW Government in June 2018. By participating in the program, you are on track to join the 22% of workplaces that are taking effective action and enjoying the benefits of being a mentally healthy workplace, such as:

  • a positive and inclusive work culture
  • workers feeling valued, engaged and committed to the organisation and doing their best work – an employer of choice
  • increased productivity – with a return of up to $4 for every $1 invested in workplace mental health.

For tips and resources on how to create a mentally healthy workplace, please visit You can also subscribe to an enewsletter for more information, resources and news on future initiatives to help workers and businesses be mentally healthy.