COVID-19 Webinar – 27 March 2020

COVID-19 Webinar – 27 March 2020

Chris Duggan: SCA (NSW)President – Webinar Facilitator

Frank Boross: MD & Group CEO Havencab Property Group – Facilities Management Expert

David Bannerman: Principal Bannerman Lawyers – Legal Advice and Legislation Expert


The third webinar focuses on how facilities are being managed due to unprecedented frequent use caused by more people being at home. It also focuses on the legality of managing a scheme in these unprecedented times.

Facility management is addressed, particularly focusing on increased waste management, recycling, cleaning and responding to concerned residents. Waste systems need to be managed effectively and the webinar discusses how local councils are tackling the issue of increased waste, including increased contractor numbers.

Lockdowns are addressed, and what owners should do to prepare for a full lockdown. The webinar suggests owners and members prepare themselves for the eventuality of lockdowns, including the shift to cloud based management systems.

Compliance and legislative intent are addressed, particularly from a Government perspective.

Self-Isolation periods are addressed, with what essential services are needed moving forward.

Commercial and residential building occupation is addressed, including whether a complex should be evacuated when a building becomes infected.

The webinar walks viewers through the hospital grade cleaning and sanitisation/disinfection process which is being employed to disinfect facilities.

The webinar also addresses bylaws, cashflow smoothing and acceptable expenditure on increased cleaning.

A full transcript and webinar can be accessed here