COVID-19 Webinar – 17 March 2020

COVID-19 Webinar – 17 March 2020

Chris Duggan: SCA (NSW)President -Webinar Facilitator

Colin Grace: Director, Grace Lawyers – Strata Law Expert

Nicole Dunn: Director, Nicole Dunn Lawyers – Legal Advice and Workplace Responsibilities

Stephen Brell: Director, Netstrata – Membership Expertise

The first webinar introduced the necessity to start moving business electronically, including voting, meetings, urgent meetings and committee related activity.

The requirements for upskilling staff and introducing online platforms to allow members to safely work and communicate from home was explored, as well as advice on social isolation, and general hygiene.

The webinar was looking at laws and regulations for AGMs and called for legislators to be lenient during these times of isolation and forced office closures.

Employer obligations were discussed in detail and the webinar reassured viewers that it’s not business as normal, but business as best we can.

A full transcript and webinar can be accessed here