CHU Strata Community Awards 2018: Havencab winner Strata Services Business award

The 2018 recipient of the Strata Services Business Award is none other than Havencab. A very excited and always humble Frank Boross was only too happy to discuss this latest achievement.

Havencab is a family run business having started 34 years ago by Frank’s father. It is a business that was built from the ground up by a family who instilled in its children, the values of respect, integrity and ethical commitment to society.

Frank says that the pressure to succeed is driven by a need to look after the well-being of the employees and the company.

“There is no doubt that our stewardship must be based on ethical business practices. We pride ourselves on our family nature and values.”

One of the criteria for winning this award is that the business must be able to demonstrate excellence. For Havencab this is embodied in its values statement “Exceptional service, core ethical values, innovation that sets us apart from our competitors which benefits the strata industry.”

Frank says that these values translate into some very important aspects of the business.

“Our company’s success depends on our staff. Workforce retention can be an ongoing challenge so when candidates see that our company is regarded as a good place to work or is getting a nod for its diversity, then we really are winning.”

This award is the third that Havencab has won and Frank says that they are an ongoing recognition for successfully navigating the path to leadership in the business, embracing best practice and commitment to ethical practices.

“We are proud to be contenders for this award and also to be ambassadors for the strata industry. This ensures we leave a positive legacy and means we are highly regarded amongst the strata professionals we work with each day.”

Frank and his team got here by continuing to innovate and adapt.

“We continually and consistently market our organisation as the leading ethical service provider for high-end projects, from planning to onsite delivery, with sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront of all decision-making.”

Havencab has developed the “Blue Ocean” strategy to grow the business and contribute to the strata industry.

“You have to keep innovating and getting out there to look for new business but at the same time look after your existing clients. Our retention rate for all parts of our core business, cleaning and Facility Management is well above the industry average.”

Havencab continues to grow organically. It has strong systems built on strong foundations and is constantly developing its workforce, working to best practice as its service offering expands. Clearly this is a winning combination for the company.

But the most important thing about winning the award?

“It really is a recognition of the hard work of the many wonderful, diverse individuals that make up Havencab Property Group,” Frank concludes.