Choosing the Right Painting Company

Strata Industry Expert Advice brought to you by Tony Conway, Managing Director, Premier Painting

Choosing the right painting company for your strata managed project is an important step toward achieving a positive result for all strata members and owners. Determining which company to employ to carry out your cosmetic painting requirements is a multi-step process – a process which must be agreed upon by the majority.

In order to select a painter for your project, it’s important to first understand the project objectives. This will allow you and your fellow owners to define the project requirements, scope of works and product specifications with a clear focus.

What are the project objectives?

These include the motivations behind the work that will be carried out. For example:  

  • Re-fresh or colour change
  • Repairs & General Maintenance
  • Complete update with renovations
  • Protection, Membrane, Waterproofing
  • Annual Maintenance
  • And more.

Once you have determined the project objectives, you can define the Scope of Works and Product Specifications. Scope of works refers to the areas and surfaces which must be attended to during the project. Product Specifications refers to which products will be used, the colours, and how to apply them.  

Egaging a Professional to Determine Scope of Works and Product Specifications

There are several professional services which can help you achieve your desired outcome. These include various trades and consultants. Three of the key services which may assist you in your painting endeavours include Colour and Paint Consultants as well as Structural Engineers for larger projects.

Colour Consultant

A colour consultant can advise on all colour schedules and guide you on whether your project falls within cosmetic update or colour change, interior or exterior categories.

It is recommended to engage an accredited colour consultant to produce two different colour schemes. These can then be presented to the committee with the option to vote on one or the other.

To finalise colour choices, it is recommended to have paint samples applied well before the project commences to discuss any colour concerns that may arise between owners. If colour concerns occur during the project, a variation to costs could be made for scaffold hire and product. This will also affect the project timeline.

It is recommended to make sure you have a finishes schedule signed off by the Body Corporate prior to starting.

Paint Consultant

Paint Consultants specialise in painting and minor repairs. They are typically a painting professional with a vast experience of all types of painting systems and methods. A Paint Consultant can advise you on technical requirements you may need for your painting project and can project manage these for you.  

A Paint Consultant can project manage the works for you as well as supply you with condition and quality assurance reports, scope of works and specification assessments, quotes for works required, as well as administrative progress payments.

A Paint Consultant is ideal in circumstances where the repairs are relatively minor, or the major component of the project is painting and not remedial repairs. A Paint Consultant is more cost effective than an Engineer for smaller projects and budgets.

Structural Engineers

For larger projects such as complete exterior re-paints or structural repairs it is advisable to engage an engineer to carry out a complete inspection of your building and issue a condition report documenting any identifiable repairs and existing coatings conditions.

A condition report can also specify which products, systems and methods should be used to carry out repairs and repainting to comply with the building code of Australia. This report may also include your WHS responsibilities along with the proposed contractor’s obligations. It may also comprise of a contract of works to make sure your Strata Plan is protected by the Home Building Act.

A Structural Engineer can also carry out the tender process for you by recommending reliable trade companies that are suitable for your project. Once a suitable painting company has been procured, the engineer can also provide a project management service whereby they will run the project for you and carry out all checks to ensure all is completed as per specification.

How to source a reputable painting company

One of the key traits to look for in a panting company is their ability to communicate with and project manage any works or involvement with external Engineers, consultants, third party trades, and Strata managers.

Look for the following benefits:

  • Positive online reviews
  • Well established teams who are experienced in the Strata industry
  • A track record of working across multi-story buildings, which require abseiling and scaffolding
  • Ask to review company accreditations, licenses, ABN, and insurance
  • Check with industry associations such as the SCA NSW and Master Painters NSW

What to Avoid:

  • Cheaper quotes which may save costs on low quality brands of paints and preparation materials
  • Preparation levels (ensure the painting process includes the necessary preparation: washing down, sanding certain areas, applying undercoats)
  • Paint film thickness levels
  • WHS shortcuts

It is recommended to request a schedule of costs listed which may include details such as day rate per painter, m2 rate for render repair, scaffold cost per day etc. This will allow for a high level comparison between quotes. It will also allow you to budget for variations which may occur during the project.

Compliance Onboarding Checklist

Once you have qualified your painters, the Strata Committee can review quotes and select a painter. At this point it is imperative to assess timeframes, budget and expectations.

As a final step it is important to work through an onboarding checklist.

A Compliance Onboarding includes:

  • License
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Workers Comp Insurance
  • Home Building Compensation Scheme (Jobs over $20,000)
  • SWMS along with a Risk Assessment
  • Signed Contract (Preferably SCA Strata Works Agreement)

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