Check your pest controller’s credentials

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has launched a campaign to inform the community that pest controllers in NSW must hold a licence issued by the EPA.

 Members will all know that pest controllers apply pesticides in and around buildings and surrounding areas and there are over 4,000 licensed pest controllers in NSW.

They are trained to ensure they use registered pesticides covered by a label or permit and take all measures to avoid harming other people, animals or damaging the environment.

The EPA is reminding strata managers, property managers and homeowners to only hire licensed pest controllers as unlicensed pest controllers may not have the competency to use pesticides safely.

Here are some top tips when engaging a pest controller:

  • Check a pest controller is licensed before you hire – search the EPA’s public register and ask to see a pest controller’s licence
  • Contact the EPA Environment Line on 131 555 or if you can’t find a person or licence, or a pest controller is unable to produce their licence
  • Ask for the product name and safety data sheet for the pesticide to be used
  • Take precautions to avoid pesticide exposure

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