Building Commissioner appointed

SCA (NSW) previously advised that the NSW Government intended to appoint a Building Commissioner.

On 7 August 2019, the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, the Hon Kevin Anderson, MP, announced that the government had appointed David Chandler OAM to the role of Building Commissioner.

Mr Chandler is a building and construction expert with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry. He is well-respected as a result of his experience.

According to the Government’s announcement, the Commissioner will be responsible for:

– the investigation and disciplinary action for misconduct in the building industry
– overseeing the end-to-end licensing and auditing across the building industry and
– driving legislative reforms of the building industry, including consultation with industry.

Mr Chandler is reported to have welcomed the opportunity to work with the Government to strengthen the building and construction industry.

He stated that “recent events have reduced community confidence in how buildings are designed and constructed and how they perform, but I welcome the leadership and commitment being shown by the Government to implement change that will strengthen the construction industry foundations in NSW.”

Mr Chandler started in the position on 14 August 2019 and has since appeared before the NSW Parliamentary inquiry at which he was highly critical of the building plans and design of Mascot Towers which he described as ‘poor’.