Strata Success – ABS Elevates Strata Managers to Independent Occupation Status

‘Strata manager’ to receive official recognition as an occupation nationally by the ABS for the first time

In a significant development for the strata sector, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has officially recognised ‘strata manager’ as a distinct occupation title. This recognition marks an important step forward for the sector’s growth and professionalism, acknowledging the unique skill set and responsibilities that come with managing strata properties.



Until now, the ABS has categorised strata managers under the broader umbrella of property and real estate managers. However, following successful consultations with the ABS, the ‘strata manager’ occupation will be included in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) for the first time.

So what does that mean for the industry?


The new classification establishes ‘strata manager’ as a specialist profession with nationally recognised and defined skills, roles and responsibilities. This distinction allows the ABS to collect important data about the occupation, including the number of professionals, their geographical distribution, skill sets and specific duties. Such data is useful for collecting evidence-based data about skilled migration status, vocational education training and industry advocacy.

Additionally, the strata sector gains a powerful tool for industry development. The collected data will serve as a foundation for making informed cases to the government, supporting skilled migration initiatives, expanding educational opportunities and driving positive changes in the sector.

The ABS’s classification will also contribute to the industry benchmark data, aiding initiatives like the Strata Insights series of publications. This data will enhance research efforts undertaken by various institutions, governments and private organisations, providing a comprehensive understanding of the strata landscape and facilitating informed decision-making.

When will the changes take effect?


The proposed changes are expected to be implemented this year, and SCA NSW will provide further updates when the changes take effect.

Read the full submission from SCA (Australasia) to the ABS by clicking here.

For more details on what this means, visit the updated ANZSCO page here.