Secure your balcony belongings

A tragedy last week in which a person was killed by a gas cylinder falling from a balcony in Sydney’s CBD during wild weather, has prompted SCA (NSW) to encourage strata residents to secure their belongings especially when storms are forecast.

Sadly, the gas bottle that struck and subsequently killed a 37-year-old man is suspected to have fallen from ‘great height’. It has been reported that witnesses nearby saw furniture falling from an apartment block during the storm.

This resulted in the apartment complex issuing a notice indicating that “balconies are exposed to extreme wind conditions… Items can blow off… this can pose a real threat to life and has legal recourse”.

SCA (NSW) asks strata residents to be aware of what they have on their balconies and to ensure that they’re properly secured for when wild weather and strong winds hit.

If something on a balcony isn’t tied down or properly secured, there’s a good chance it can become dislodged and flung over the edge during wild weather and strong winds.

It’s recommended that residents take the time to inspect their balconies, properly secure loose items and put items inside where it’s not feasible to secure them if storms are forecast.

It only takes a few minutes and could prevent serious injury or death.