Regulation of building standards, building quality, and building disputes – Government response received

The NSW Government has provided its response to the Legislative Council Public Accountability Committee’s final report, Regulation of Building Standards, Building Quality and Building Disputes (the Final Report).

The Government has thanked the Committee for its consideration of these important matters and appreciates the opportunity to respond to the Committee’s findings and recommendations and update the Committee on the progress of the Government’s building reform agenda since its response to the Committee’s first report on 7 May 2020.

A central theme of Construct NSW is the making of a ‘trustworthy building’. Trustworthy buildings will be ones that are fit for purpose, sustainable and measurably less risky. The players who make them must be the most capable. Customers who buy them must be confident to own and occupy them. And the financers and insurers who underwrite policies for constructors and building owners will be confident in the level of assurance.

Recognising the industry is vital to the success of the Government’s workplan to 2025, the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation established stakeholder consultation groups to support each Strategy pillar. Group membership includes stakeholders representing builders, certifiers, designers, educators, consumers, the digital economy, and local and state government.

Strata Community Association (NSW) was and continues to be a part of that stakeholder group, representing the interests of the strata industry across the state.  

The work to date as part of the Government reform agenda, reflects only the first tranche of reforms this Government expects to make as part of the biggest overhaul of the NSW building sector. The Government has detailed reform strategy outlined in the Government’s six-pillar plan to 2025 and will also undertake a review of the legislative framework that will underpin consideration of an extended first resort insurance product and ensure that the legislation framework works cohesively.

The Government is now looking to the future of building regulation and partnering with key industry stakeholders, including developers, practitioners, and trades from across the sector to implement the Government’s building reform agenda to 2025.

We’re excited to be part of this future.