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CHU Underwriting Agency

CHU specialises in providing comprehensive insurance products for strata schemes, including residential strata apartments, units, villas and townhouses, commercial strata, and community title properties. In addition, CHU offers commercial strata insurance and personal insurance (landlords or contents insurance) to protect strata customers’ personal property and possessions.

CHU created the first residential strata insurance plan in Australia and started trading in Sydney in 1978. Now, more than 45 years later, CHU has grown to become recognised as a leading strata insurance specialist, underwriting more than 100,000 schemes across Australia, which equates to an insured value of over a half a trillion dollars. CHU is part of the Steadfast Group, the largest general insurance broker network and group of underwriting agencies in Australasia.

CHU’s strata insurance products are regularly updated to ensure they continue to offer market-leading cover. It is mandatory across Australia for strata title properties to have insurance. CHU’s insurance products are designed with each state and territory’s minimum regulatory requirements in mind to assist an owners’ corporation/body corporate in obtaining cover for their property.

Residential and Commercial Insurance for Strata Titles Properties

CHU offers fully comprehensive residential and commercial strata insurance. Our range of products include:

Residential Strata Insurance Plan: Covers the strata building, common property and common area contents, as defined on the title for the property.

Commercial Strata Insurance Plan: Covers the strata building, common property and common area contents, as defined in the policy for commercial strata title properties.

Community Association Insurance Plan: Provides community associations and lot owners with protection over their assets and potential liabilities.

Community Association Insurance Plan – Lot Owners’ Homes: Protects individual homes that are part of a community association scheme from accidental loss or damage, and also offers cover for legal liability and machinery breakdown.

Build to Rent – Residential Insurance: Cover for non-strata-titled residential apartment buildings; includes coverage for the building, liability, machinery breakdown and catastrophe.

Landlord’s Insurance for Strata: Designed for owners who are renting their properties to tenants, it provides cover for accidental loss or damage to the contents of the landlord in a rental property, along with cover for loss of rent and legal liability.

Contents Insurance for Strata: Designed to protect the personal contents of people who reside in a strata property, it provides cover for household goods and personal items. It also includes legal liability as a standard cover.

Key components of the residential strata insurance cover:

Our specialised strata insurance plan covers the owner’s corporation for the cost of damage and repairs to:

  • Cover for common area equipment and common appliances such as shared laundry equipment, lifts and swimming pools
  • Repairs following accidental or malicious damage to common areas and common property
  • Cost of replacing stolen contents owned by the corporation such as lobby furniture, LCD notice boards etc.
  • Recovery after a major disaster including emergency accommodation.

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