Pet Lovers Rejoice – NSW Government to Ban Fees for Pets in Strata

In the exciting landscape of the upcoming strata law reforms in NSW, the Minns government is set to remove fees and bonds for pet owners in strata schemes while also simplifying the lives of pet owners residing in apartment blocks.

Many owners in strata schemes have long been burdened by additional fees and bonds imposed on pet ownership. The good news is that the Minns government is taking a decisive step towards labelling these charges as costly and unreasonable, given that lot owners already contribute to the upkeep of their strata schemes through levies.

For pet owners living in strata communities, the prospect of paying extra fees or bonds simply for owning a pet has been a source of frustration. These additional costs have often been perceived as an unnecessary financial burden on residents.

The NSW Government, as part of its ongoing reforms, has recognised these concerns and taken a stand against these costs. Given that strata owners already pay levies for the maintenance of their strata schemes, these additional pet-related costs have been deemed unreasonable.

This move is part of phase one of the NSW Government’s broader review aimed at creating a more transparent and equitable strata system. The focus is on making the system fairer for all residents, ensuring that they are not subject to unjustified pet ownership fees or other aspects of strata living.

While this reform is undoubtedly a victory for pet owners, it’s also a win for strata schemes. A pet-friendly living environment can enhance the desirability of strata properties. It attracts a broader range of potential buyers and renters, benefiting the entire strata community.

To hear more about the changes to fees for pets in strata, listen to the SCA (NSW) President’s chat with 2GBs Chris O’Keefe below.