Most people by now are conscious of the need to reduce their energy and water consumption. At the very least it can reduce our electricity bills and conserve water as we continue to suffer through a terrible drought.

NABERS, which stands for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System offers tools that can be used to measure a building’s energy efficiency, carbon emissions, as well as the water consumed, the waste produced and compares it to similar buildings.

According to the NABERS website, the philosophy is that once we can understand our impact, we can begin the journey to reducing it and contributing to a healthier environment.

Simply put NABERS is a six star rating system that helps Australia’s building owners understand how their asset impacts the environment.

If you want to rate your building you can either use the online tool or find an Accredited Assessor who can undertake a thorough rating for you.

Over the past 20 years, $400 million in energy bills have been saved with over 826,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions also saved – enough to power over 75,000 homes for a year.

Start your journey with NABERS and see what you can save.