Meet the 2017 Max Dunn Award winner: Scott Martin

The Max Dunn Award was created following the passing of former ISTM President Max Dunn in 1998. Max was one of those people who was a leader and friend to everyone. When he passed, David Le Page suggested an award be created in Max’s honour and presented annually to a member who demonstrates camaraderie and leadership in the industry.

During the Gala Dinner at the Annual Convention last October, the Max Dunn Award for 2017, was presented to Scott Martin.

Scott has been a strata manager for 15 years. He is currently Managing Director at StrataChoice and leads a team of 14.

“I had no idea I was being presented with this award,” Scott said. “It was unexpected and a little exciting.”

Scott was recognised for the training on the new legislation he’s been providing throughout the industry, which has been vital to all members.

“SCA (NSW) asked me to step in and help out and I was very happy to do so. I have training experience and qualifications from my days working as a trainer at the Commonwealth Bank.”

He says that delivering the training has been one of his best experiences while working in strata. Scott would like to continue training when he retires (which he says is a way off yet) as it would be a great way of giving back to the industry.

“I like to help and contribute wherever possible and my skills in this area provide me with that opportunity.”

Scott has the unique ability of understanding different people and can adapt his approach and training methods to suit their needs. He does this with his own staff and enjoys the fact that his team members average around eight years with him.

“I look for people with certain skills and competencies, the rest you can teach. I also encourage my team to let me know what they want from me. We all have to be happy in our roles and happy to work together.”

Scott clearly exemplifies those qualities that Max Dunn – leadership and camaraderie. He also has a great sense of humour. He plans on taking his award to his next performance review and asking his boss (Daniel Linders) what it’s worth. We hope Daniel’s response is positive for Scott.