Guide to Sustainable Living

Renters rejoice – now there is something for you on how to live sustainably. Not just limited to renters though, the (Renters) Guide to Sustainable Living contains tips for a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

The tips include how to seal gaps and draught proof your home, shading windows, replacing lighting that’s more energy efficient and using energy smart appliances. The guide notes which of these tips require renters to get their landlords permission to enact.

The guide goes through room by room to offer suggestions on how to make more sustainable choices in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, living and sleeping areas.

It even provides advice on working with your landlord and agent and advises on how landlords can seek a tax deduction from the Australian Tax Office for energy efficiency improvements made to rental properties.

Even if you’re not a renter the tips in this guide will no doubt be invaluable in finding ways to live more sustainably.