The Great Strata Challenge

As the realisation sinks in that firmer lockdowns and isolation rules are already here, we must now quickly turn our minds to how our high-density ecosystem will support, sustain and survive such intense demands.

Over 2 million people in Australia live in strata communities that were originally designed for lifestyle, amenity and convenience.

SCA (NSW) understands that we’re being forced to shelter in our apartments and homes, and the need for adaptive solutions to work with our strata communities has never been more critical.

The economy is being placed into hibernation, but strata cannot hibernate. We are facing an unprecedented challenge and must have a coordinated effort to get through this.

We must prepare our communities and infrastructure to establish networks and rely on each other. At the centre of these massive challenges is our community; the professional strata community, led by strata managers, building managers and service providers.

We’re being forced to adapt, innovate and problem solve on the run, with a huge responsibility and obligation to provide hope, support, and service to millions of residents searching for answers and navigating a myriad of competing priorities.

The uncertainties we’re facing are infinite and become magnified when exposed to the higher density challenges that we face. Buildings and communities were not designed for isolation or long-term habitation. This additional time inside puts intense pressure on sanitation and waste, not to mention social cohesion and behaviour to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of residents. Strata management is not an essential service, it is a critical service – not just now, but as our economy and communities rebuild after the crisis.

There will be cashflow challenges, compliance issues and behavioural problems. Most of these will have no precedent, legislative solution or rule book. We cannot forget that strata is still inflicted by past problems of defects, flammable cladding, behavioural challenges, and complex compliance obligations.

These have not gone away- they are ever present reminders of the minefield that await strata communities juggling isolation and adaption to today’s problems and tomorrow’s unknowns.

The strata industry is responding like it never has. We are under revenue pressure like all businesses in today’s economy, with services and resident demand under intense strain for innovation, solutions and support. We’re up for challenge and will need you and your support to get through these endeavours.

We’re collaborating with State, Federal and international counterparts to implement virus control strategies to educate and support our members. We are lobbying Government, creating resources, streaming webinars and advocating solutions- at a business level the same resourcefulness is being applied to craft solutions for clients.

There has never been a time for more kindness, acceptance, flexibility and support for each other. Whilst isolating is our personal responsibility, surviving and thriving through the long night in strata will require a village response.

We thank all of our members for your continued support, patience and assistance during these difficult times.