Director profile: Hugh McCormack

Hugh recently attended the inaugural Young Strata Network evening.

Hugh McCormack discovered early on there are no free rides in strata even when your family owns the business. He started in the strata industry right at the junior end, licking envelopes, and could not be prouder of his humble strata beginnings.

His real beginnings happened however in that time-honoured tradition of bartending – a job a lot of young people do when they leave school as it can take you around the world. Hugh was no exception and worked for a few years as a bartender, concierge and hotel manager both here and overseas. In between times he undertook his strata training but worked instead for a real estate-based strata managing agent.

In 2002, Hugh joined the family business, McCormacks Strata Management, where he started as a junior and worked his way to Managing Director. He says that there were no free handouts despite it being a family business and this is what makes him especially proud of his career achievements to date.

Hugh has not only completed his strata qualifications but has a Bachelor of Business majoring in sustainable development. This perfectly complements his work experience and makes him a well-rounded managing director and strata manager. The sustainable development major gave Hugh an appreciation for the importance of good design for the full lifecycle of a building.

His approach is to push boundaries and to think differently so that he can help people solve problems and make their lives living and working in strata much easier. Hugh wants to change the perception the public has of strata managers, which is not always complimentary, to one where they are respected for the professionals they are.

Hugh sees the new legislative changes as positive overall as they give the industry the go ahead to catch up using technology but points out that it is strata managers who really need to drive this change. From his role on the SCA (NSW) Board, he is in a great position to influence this change.

To anyone seeking a career in strata he says go for it. He says it’s an amazing industry with some great people and advises to be professional always, don’t take it too seriously and have fun. This is a philosophy that Hugh also subscribes to. When asked what he wants to be in 10 years’ time his response was ‘world domination’ but he also hinted at an enjoyment of surfing and travelling so it may be that he dominates the world from afar. That sums up Hugh in a way, aim high but never forget your humble beginnings.