Director Profile: Catherine Lezer

Some of you may not have as yet met Catherine so we thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce her as you may be hearing her name a bit more soon.Cat Head Shot

Catherine is the Director representing the Strata Owners Chapter on the SCA (NSW) Board and was elected to the role at the end of 2015. She is the second Director to represent this chapter following on from Chris Chapman.

Just to fill you in, Catherine is a successful business woman, is post graduate qualified and is a franchisee of Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors Sydney.

She is also a strata owner and has been volunteering on various executive committees for 15 years, currently chairing two of the buildings where she owns property.

As if her schedule is not full enough Catherine has been instrumental in helping SCA (NSW) and the City of Sydney working hard to make strata in the Sydney Local Government area efficient and sustainable.  To this end she has decided to run for election to City of Sydney Council, which is why you may see more of her.

One of Catherine’s passions, apart from strata and now local government, is sustainability. She is on the City of Sydney green leaders panel and City of Sydney smart green apartments panel and wants to encourage new builds towards net zero and existing buildings towards more efficient running and to meet the City of Sydney sustainable targets for 2030.

Showing that she certainly practices what she preaches, buildings Catherine currently chairs have received Environmental Performance award and Community Engagement awards.

So next time you see Catherine at an event or meeting, go and talk to her about strata and sustainability – it will be well worth your while.