COVID-19 – Communication Summary

COVID-19 – Summary of communication up to date

Our industry, state and nation are experiencing a pandemic unlike any we’ve experienced before, and we’re monitoring and reporting on the situation very carefully.

SCA (NSW) stands behind our members and our stakeholders as we tackle the outbreak day-by-day to ensure we deliver the most up to date information available.

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all those involved in stymieing the threat and spread of the virus and providing vital care and support to those affected.

With daily updates and restrictions from the Federal and State Governments, it is proving a difficult task to keep on top of events as they unfold.

Nonetheless, SCA (NSW) has continuously monitored and reported on COVID-19 and its impact on our members and stakeholders through various channels.

To funnel the most pertinent information to our members when the information becomes available, we have created communications, blogs and media delivered within hours of updates and information being published.

We’re delivering information on COVID-19, the effect it’s having on the strata industry and what we’re doing, and what the Government is doing to mitigate the spread.

Specifically, we’ve reported on both the Federal and State Government’s stimulus packages to ensure our stalling economy continues to function as best as possible. With the three federal stimulus packages and two state stimulus packages announced (as of writing), we’re hoping this will support small businesses during this time.


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We are encouraging SCA (NSW) members and the wider industry in general to follow the latest guidance and updates issued by the Government and relevant bodies.

We understand that there are still a lot of questions and concerns, given some of the current gaps in the Government guidance, and we recognise the need for additional specific support and advice for our industry.

SCA (NSW) intends to bridge the gap between the Government and our industry to keep you fully informed, safe and as risk-free as possible during this unprecedented outbreak. Please regularly visit our COVID-19 – Updates page.

The strata ecosystem is more critical now than ever and the commerce of strata must continue to protect the safety of our residents.

This is not a time to step back, it’s a time to step up for our communities and members, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure strata titled complexes are continuing to run business as normal.

SCA (NSW) continues to be in close and daily contact with the NSW Department of Fair Trading working through the considerable implications for compliance, timeframes, scheme management and safety as a result of the potential ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 virus.

We will keep all members up to date throughout this difficult time and will endeavour to inform you all on new developments as soon as possible.