COVID-19 – Looking Out for Your Neighbours…

It is nearly impossible not to feel some uncertainty, and a degree of fear, from what the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our community. You can’t turn on the news or read social media without being confronted with international stories of panic and despair.

But having access to this endless information has a downside for us — it starts to dominate our lives. We read about it continuously, we search endlessly for answers. As we do, our fear and uncertainty build.

While we don’t know exactly what will happen, we do know that as a community our response to COVID-19 will impact all of us in ways we haven’t experienced before.

It’s very normal to not feel OK in challenging times such as these, and your family, friends and community will all react differently.

It is now even more important that we all promote a sense of community and reach out to our friends, family and colleagues to ensure they are coping.

SCA (NSW), encourages all members and strata communities alike to look out for each other.

Continue to be part of your community. Most importantly, try to think of those most vulnerable to becoming socially isolated, especially our older neighbours, and check in on them too.

Ask what they need

Services you can offer that don’t involve physical contact might include:

  • Delivering groceries or medical supplies
  • A friendly chat across balconies (at a safe distance of at least 1.5 metres) or over the phone

Reach out via social media

If you can’t connect face-to-face you can keep tabs on your neighbours and update everyone on what’s happening in your buildings via Facebook, WhatsApp or Zoom.

You can also search for existing community groups on social media by typing in your town or suburb’s name and post public offers of help there.

Keep up the contact

What everyone should be working towards is a deeper connection and more meaningful connection after the pandemic is over

There will be other challenges for communities and the idea is to forge connections that will last, are based on respect, understanding and the importance and value of all people in our community.

Let’s all contribute to making our community what it is and support each other in one way or another.