Coronavirus Measures Update – Strict New State Requirements


Earlier this week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a new stage of coronavirus restrictions, with the Government advising against indoor or outdoor gatherings of more than two people. He said it would be up to the states and territories to decide whether this measure was legally enforceable, but the NSW Premier quickly confirmed NSW would be policing the changes.

As of 12am Tuesday 31st March, NSW residents now legally must stay in their homes unless they have a “reasonable excuse” for leaving.

“Reasonable excuses” are broadly categorised as:

  • Obtaining food or other goods and services
  • Travelling for the purposes of work or education if the person cannot do it at home
  • Exercise
  • Medical or caring reasons.

The full list of reasonable excuses can be found here.

Children who live across two households can continue to switch between houses.

NSW has also adopted the two-person gathering limit.

Beyond those essential reasons for leaving the home, the Government has provided a list which would “excuse” somebody being outside.

It includes:

  • Fleeing an unsafe home, to avoid injury or illness
  • Dealing with an emergency or on compassionate grounds
  • Providing care or helping a vulnerable relative/person
  • Taking your child to childcare
  • Attending a wedding (adhering to the five-person limit) or a funeral (adhering to a 10-person limit)
  • Moving to a new house or moving between two places of residence
  • Donating blood
  • Fulfilling legal obligations
  • Accessing support services such as employment services, mental services etc
  • Fulfilling parental sharing arrangements of children
  • Going to a place of worship or to provide pastoral care, if you are a priest, minister or member of a religious order.

The NSW Police have increased their presence on the roads and are currently doing spot checks on drivers.

If travelling for the purpose of work, we advise to:

The SCA (NSW) Board is urging members to heed government advice and to be patient with the increased level of lockdowns to help protect members and consumers in strata titled complexes during the escalating COVID-19 outbreak.

It’s important to note that while these measures may be enforced for weeks, the measures are temporary.