CHU Strata Community Awards 2019: Strata One, Strata Community Management Business – Medium

Congratulations to the Strata One team

Strata One’s motto: “strata management is not only about bricks and mortar, it’s about people” provides insight into the company’s DNA as well as the reason why they won the award for best medium-sized Strata Community Management business for 2019.

With 20 years of experience, licensee-in-charge, Peter Brisbane knows perfectly what the challenges in this business are.

For us, it is more about managing people than just managing property” he says, adding that it’s also about how to deal with multiple personalities and behaviours in order to create long-lasting and reliable relationships with various stakeholders.

“We prefer to call a client instead of writing or emailing and arrange to meet and talk”, Peter says.

For him the most important aspect is to know the client in order to build a bond and create connection. Communication is the key to being successful and having clients continue to trust the advice and service provided.

Peter is a passionate strata advocate and lives and breathes the values of Strata One which are to take initiative, communicate, be a team player and be respectful and trustworthy.

We encourage ethical behavior by instilling the values of Strata One within our team members and to every touch point in the Strata One Business such as clients, trades and service providers”, Peter says.

To provide a high level of customer service, the company applies a practical hands-on approach to ensuring decisions are made in the best interests of all, in four different ways:

  1. Acting as mediators
  2. Empowering client decision making
  3. Being proactive
  4. Focusing on sustainability and environment protection.

The best evidence proving these strategies are working over the last 12 months the company’s business experiencing significant growth.

According to Peter, Strata One “has employed three main strategies to achieve this growth which include; reputation/word of mouth, updating our schedule of charges/services provided and recently development of a marketing strategy.”

Strata One is proud to say that they have lost less than ten buildings in the eight years since they commenced operating.

Regarding the recent success at the Strata Industry Awards, Peter very enthusiastically says that this is the result of a group effort and that engagement of the whole team is what helped them succeed.

“Empowering and training our team so they can do their jobs and enjoy them is a very powerful thing.”

In order to contribute to team training, Strata One has invested in three main areas:

Phoebe and Peter with the award for Strata One – 2019 Strata Community Business – Medium
  • Supporting the team to complete qualifications relevant to their position
  • Developing training sessions with external companies to keep the team abreast of relevant changes and their CPD points up to date
  • Mentoring and supporting the team to enable them to perform at their best

It has a significant positive impact on the culture within the business and it aligns well with Peter’s professional experience as a mentor and leader in the strata industry. The employment turnover is just 10 percent over the last year as a result of the above initiatives.

The best piece of advice to being successful, however is to follow Peter’s advice which is to treat people the way you want to be treated!



Words by Helene Guyon