CHU Strata Community Awards 2019: Belinda Claffey, Support Team Member

From the moment Belinda joined Bright and Duggan three years ago, she was committed and focused on the projects which drove innovation and business transformation to add value for both external clients and internal customers of the company.

Her previous professional experiences in customer service and business transformation have enabled Belinda to develop a customer-centric approach as well as stepping into her clients’ shoes to understand what their needs and expectations are.

As someone new to working in the industry I understood living in strata from a client’s perspective,” Belinda says.

On a professional daily basis, this helps her to create and maintain solutions that support this customer-centric ideals of the organisation.

“My number one goal has always been to improve the customer experience and to ensure that the experience is consistent regardless of who or which channel the customer chooses to interact with, while ensuring the achievement of business objectives successfully”, Belinda says.

To achieve this, she has introduced a number of initiatives to drive best practice through better utilisation of existing tools:

  1. Design & Implementation of DocMax work queues: this has provided visible work volumes and a way to track and easily action customer requests in a consistent manner across the various customer touchpoints. It has enabled the business to resource appropriately to meet the desired customer service levels and in turn, improve the overall customer experience.
  2. Owners Portal: to improve access and quality of information available to their owners, she has identified an opportunity to utilise the StrataMax Owners Portal better. As a result, the owners portal was redesigned entirely in terms of layout and content with over 20,000 documents uploaded and moved into key subject groups. This allows owners and committee members to access information and reports about their building at their convenience at any time.

Belinda has also been committed to adding a positive change in her company’s internal business: “I initiated and managed the delivery of the implementation of “Skype for Business” across the organisation.”

This software has not only replaced a very aging existing phone system it has enabled interaction and communication across various channels and locations.

We had a challenging work environment with team members based at 10+ branches spread over three states. This was a barrier to effective communication and team collaboration, people tended to work in silos and did not leverage the expertise and breadth of experience that we had nationwide”, Belinda recalls.

From a career perspective and as an example to follow, “informal learning and coaching opportunities” have played a significant role in Belinda’s development and career growth.

I’m fortunate to work with many different stakeholders, suppliers and functional teams, and this has enabled me to continually learn daily both in the areas of soft skills and more strata specific technical skills.”