Board Director profile: meet Peter Brisbane

Peter and the Strata One team winning the 2019 Strata Community Management Business – medium – award

Representing the Strata Manager Chapter, Peter Brisbane is excited to have been elected to the SCA (NSW) Board at the 2019 AGM. It is, as he says, an opportunity to give back to an industry which has enabled him to develop a career and his own business.

Peter has worked in the NSW strata sector since late 2000 developing his career to become licencee-in-charge of the agency he started in 2011, Strata One. Prior to that he worked in risk management for large companies.

Peter says he started in strata because he loves helping people and he loves property. This is still the case, however as his business has grown, his passion has become the mentoring of the Strata One team and developing systems/procedures to enhance his clients community living experience.

One of the highlights of Peter’s career was starting Strata One. Others include growing his team, winning the 2019 Strata Community Management Business (Medium) Award and now becoming a member of the SCA (NSW) Board.

As for the future of the strata industry, Peter sees the focus on two areas, licensing and building reforms.

On the education side he says the move towards and greater compliance will raise the bar in relation to professionalism of the industry as a whole. And this is a good thing as it secures the future of the industry as a good career move for those entering and already in the industry.

In relation to building reforms, Peter hopes the NSW Government gets the building reforms right and that this enables Strata Community Managers to assist their owners on the future maintenance management of their properties rather than focusing on defects.

When asked what advice he would give someone considering a career in strata or just entering the industry, Peter says just do it. He says strata is a great industry and it is only growing.

Peter believes to be a successful Strata Community Manager requires good time management skills, being proactive, sympathetic to owners when in need, understand basic accounting principles and a willingness to know a building with clear communication skills.

He says that companies are now seeing value in growing their team from within, so if you meet the key skills outlined, apply and you could be on track for a new career in strata.

Peter also wanted to highlight that you don’t have to be a Strata Community Manager to be a part of this industry as other key support areas such as Accounting/Compliant Specialists, Facility/Asset Managers also offer great career opportunities.

As to where Peter will be in ten years’ time? He says he has only just started and sees great development within our industry over the next ten years – something he’s keen to be a part of by ensuring he attracts smart people into strata careers.

Peter believes that with vertical communities becoming the norm, greater technology will become available to assist with communication and the Strata Community Managers’ input and experience will be key factors in making this type of living experience possible.

Strata One will be almost 20 years young by then too and that’s definitely something to celebrate.