Apartment owners face more dangers this winter

Strata owners are being urged to ensure their building has a fire safety plan which is reviewed annually. This includes testing fire alarms, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

Many house and apartment fires occur during winter due to faulty or misused heating devices. Apartment owners should be especially vigilant and ensure they have undertaken all precautions.

Apartments with combustible external cladding are especially vulnerable at this time of year. With many owners being stuck with defective cladding and unable to afford to replace it, the last thing they need is a fire.

SCA (NSW) is encouraging all owners corporations to ensure residents are aware of evacuation plans and to also undertake an annual check of their fire safety systems. They are required to do this by law.

Each year in NSW buildings are required to submit a fire safety statement to their local council which covers the maintenance of the building’s fire safety measures.

In addition to this, SCA (NSW) is encouraging owners to get together and have an expert test all their electrical appliances. Any that are faulty should be repaired or disposed of and never to be used again.

The NSW Fire and Safety website has lots of information about fire safety as well as emergency contacts and news.