2023 Strata Defects Survey

The Office of the Building Commissioner is proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated 2023 Strata Defects Survey on June 26, 2023. SCA (NSW) are proud partners of the 2023 Strata Defects Survey.

This survey endeavours to examine the firsthand experiences of NSW strata communities in relation to serious building defects. It represents the second iteration of extensive research efforts, focused on comprehending the prevalence of significant defects in common property of class 2 residential apartment buildings.

This research will form part of the Construct NSW strategy to increase consumer confidence and shape new solutions to help reduce the burden that defects have on strata managers and the owners of residential apartment buildings in NSW.

Your voice matters - have your say and help shape the future!

We invite you to participate in the survey and share your valued opinions and experiences regarding the prevalence of serious defects in class 2 residential apartment buildings.

You are an integral part of this research, and your participation plays a crucial role in providing a clear understanding in the management of residential buildings for policy and industry change makers.

Next steps

The survey will be available through the NSW Gov Strata Hub from 26 June 2023 and will remain open for one month.

In order to optimise the timeliness of the survey process, the survey is conveniently accessible through the Strata Hub. This ensures a streamlined experience by eliminating any need for duplicate information uploads. To ensure the survey is a seamless task, we highly recommend that all information within the Strata Hub is kept up-to-date well in advance.

Note: You will be able to delegate surveys to colleagues to complete.