Greater Sydney Commission Releases Draft District Plans

On Monday (22 November) the Greater Sydney Commission shared with SCA (NSW) its “Towards our Greater Sydney 2056’’ plan.

This report includes a 20 year draft District Plan setting out the priorities and actions for each of Greater Sydney’s six Districts.

The plans set out the vision for planning Sydney over the next 20 years. Their goal is to have a more coordinated, strategic and integrated planning for transport, land use and infrastructure. Effective, long term metropolitan planning is essential for the continued sustainable and responsible growth of Greater Sydney.

The plans aim to address the issues facing Greater Sydney such as housing affordability, housing diversity, jobs growth, sustainability and connectivity, to make Sydney a global city people want to live, work, study and visit.

Click here to view the Barton Deakin Brief outlines the major priorities and points of interest in each of the District Plans.

Each of the District Plans can be accessed by clicking on the below links:
Central District
North District
West Central District
West District
South West District
South District

For more information please visit the Greater Sydney Commission website.