Colin Grace – Max Dunn award recipient 2010

Colin Grace was presented with the Max Dunn award in 2010. This is his speech:

It was with such honour and pride to receive the Max Dunn award recently.  I had the pleasure of meeting Max early in my career and assisting Alastair and Matthew in their management business.

 Max epitomized friendship in the industry and I hope to continue to portray that friendship into the future.

 The Strata Management industry is my family, and like a family some days I love you all dearly and others I hate you and wish you would go away.  And that is why I love the industry, we share our victories, our failures and our disappointments. We bandy together when needed and pick each other up when things are tough. That is what our family is about.

 In any award such as this it is not done by yourself. There are many people that influence our lives and careers and I am grateful for everyone that has been involved in my career. There are some that have assisted my career including my original law firm Blessington Judd who gave me a start when others wouldn’t, the family at Grace Lawyers, the boys who did Kokoda and are tattooed close to my heart, my close friends Richard Holloway, Bill Coles, David Ferguson and John Little, April Arfmann my confidant and friend, Daniel Radman my business partner and best friend and finally the person who I share my life with and who has stood by me through all of my tribulations and blessed me with two children being my beautiful wife Diane.

 Thank you to the people who nominated me and those that voted in my favour.  I wish you all well into the future and again thank you from the bottom of my heart.