Project Remediate – Final Call

Attention all SCA (NSW) members: Registrations of interest are still open for Project Remediate, which close on 30 September 2021!

Project Remediate is a voluntary three-year program for owners’ corporations in New South Wales to remove high-risk combustible cladding on Class 2 residential apartment buildings.

Despite the known costs and complexities of removing flammable cladding, only one-quarter of the estimated 225 buildings known to the NSW Cladding Taskforce have registered.

Why “Project Remediate”?

Project Remediate was aptly named to describe the two ways in which it assists eligible owners, owners’ corporations, and the strata managers who support them in managing their scheme.

  • “Remediate” –those requiring remediation works can access 10-year interest free loans, with the interest paid for by the NSW Government.
  • “Project” – a project assurance service is also set up and coordinated by the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner to oversee the works.

A Managing Contractor is appointed by the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner, at no cost to the owners’ corporation, to project manage the cladding removal and rectification works.

They are responsible for ensuring the remediation solution is fit for purpose, of a high standard, and provided at a fair price. Importantly, the building can be insured without any cladding-related exclusions or premium increases.

Benefits of Project Remediate

The main benefits of Project Remediate for owners, owners’ corporations, and strata managers include:

  • It offers you certainty on the cost of the remediation work through lump-sum pricing, with every effort made to reduce unexpected costs and delays.
  • All services are completed by qualified and reputable industry experts who undertake a thorough investigation and assessment to identify any issues up-front.
  • Only safe cladding products and systems, endorsed by the Cladding Product Safety Panel, will be used to ensure your building qualifies for full insurance.

To learn more about Project Remediate, explore the resources below:

  • This video explains what Project Remediate is and how it supports strata schemes in New South Wales.
  • This video is a message from the Hon. Kevin Anderson MP, Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, who launched Project Remediate.
  • Project Remediate is offering a free two-hour course until 30 September 2021 for strata managers and committee members of self-managed strata schemes to learn more about Project Remediate, which can be accessed here.
  • The Apartment Owners Guide, accessible here, helps strata schemes understand the Project Remediate program.
  • Owners’ corporations can also access strata resolution and motion examples here.
  • The NSW Government provides answers to important frequently asked questions, which can be accessed here.

To contact Project Remediate directly, please email: