Industry research and information

Strata Community Australia (NSW) supports research into the strata industry that aims to improve and enhance the lives of those living and working in strata. We regularly support work undertaken by the City Futures Research Centre, which is part of the Faculty of Built Environment at the University of NSW. From time-to-time we sponsor research and often ask members to assist by participating in surveys, focus groups and other forms of review and investigation. We also receive academic information and data, which we also post for our members. See what’s new below:

Current research areas are:

Managing diversity in strata communities
City Futures is currently undertaking research to determine and understand the influence that cultural background has on participation in strata schemes. City Futures anticipates that this information can then used to develop tools and strategies to encourage community cohesion, connectedness and resilience in strata communities. As part of a tool kit for now, City Futures has developed Multicultural strata schemes: fundamentals for strata committee members, which provides tips and ideas for getting to know your neighbours. We’d like as many participants as possible to assist and will inform members how to go about this soon.

Approaches to Community Development in Australia and overseas
City Futures has created a comprehensive guide that provides information and links to community development approaches here and overseas. Click on the link above to access the full page.