Green Page

Welcome to the SCA (NSW) Green page which contains information for those living and working in strata on how to live more sustainably. By living a more sustainable life you can help reduce pollution and preserve our environment for future generations. Reducing energy consumption, water consumption and recycling where possible reduces our carbon footprint and can save money. Here are the latest articles that we hope will inform and inspire:


City of Sydney introduces new recycling programs for 2020

City of Sydney has introduced two new pilot programs aimed at recycling two common waste problems. The food scraps and nappies and incontinence products recycling programs are seeking participants. Click here for more information.

Waverly Council green strata retrofit program

Waverly Council in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is offering strata buildings the opportunity to go green through its Building Futures program. Participating apartments may be able to reduce their common area energy usage by an average of 20 percent. Find out more here



How does your building rate when it comes to energy consumption, carbon emissions or use of available drinking water? If you can’t answer that question then you need to read on to find out more on how the NABERS tool can help measure your building’s efficiency and how to go about reducing these elements.


Energy Savings Scheme

The NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme can help households reduce their electricity consumption and therefore those awful electricity costs by buying energy efficient appliances and even retrofitting lighting and other energy consuming systems. Read here for more information.


Guide to Sustainable Living

Renters rejoice – now there is something for you on how to live sustainably. Not just limited to renters though, the (Renters) Guide to Sustainable Living contains tips for a more comfortable and energy efficient home. Read some of these tips here