Ethics drives excellence for Strata Services Business winner

The 2017 winner of the CHU Strata Community Awards category for Strata Services Business, Havencab wants to encourage other strata services to enter the awards for 2018.

Frank Boross, Havencab’s Managing Director, said winning the award was extra special as the team didn’t think they could win two years in a row.

“It brought many emotions to our team, a sense of accomplishment for being recognised for all the hard work everyone has done,” Frank said.

“It was a humble experience to be chosen from so many exceptional companies. Accepting the award gave me the platform give a to voice to, and inform, strata managers of the unethical contracting practises that are going on in some areas of the strata industry. We need to unite and not accept it anymore.”

Havencab has an excellent track record with the awards having won several, starting in 2010 when the awards first commenced.

“We were lucky enough to win “Excellence in Customer Service 2010”. Since then we have either been a winner or Finalist every year in the category of “Professional Commitment to Ethics and Service” a Finalist in 2014 for “Innovation of the Year”.

“In 2017 I also won the NSW Essay Award, which was about unethical contracting in the strata sector. The Essay went on to be published in the Inclean journal and used as a reference in other media stories and ABC radio. We have been very excited about that.”

Frank said that wining this award brings great recognition from his peers and has significant impact and prestige when tendering on new contracts.

The company has leveraged the award to win significant new business and retain many contracts as the clients can see the value they are getting.

“From senior management right down to the onsite staff they are all proud to work for a business that not only is an award winner but treats them with respect and gives them opportunity to grow,” Frank explains.

“The awards have given our company a reputation as an industry leader. Our competitors are constantly seeking assistance from us to improve their business to try and make the strata industry a better place to work.”

When asked what makes Havencab stand out as the best service provider, Frank said that he believes what sets his company apart is its ethical stance in paying staff appropriately in a highly cost driven competitive and sometimes dodgy market. The company also prides itself on attracting and retaining staff and offering them job security and career advancement.

“We constantly drive to innovate and do things differently. We understand we are in a service industry and are critiqued every day on our service delivery, appearance and response to issues, that is why monitoring, constant review of process is crucial for business success. The belief that we are helping people and the environment through our sustainable cleaning system that will leave a legacy behind that we are all proud of.”

Frank has some great encouragement for anyone thinking of entering the awards this year.

“Entering the awards is a great way to stop and reflect on your business and see what you have achieved in the past year and identify areas you can improve on,” he said.

“Being recognised as an industry leader in a market that is highly competitive gives your clients peace of mind and provides a great opportunity to compete on quality and service and not on price.”

Frank believes the awards will bring out the best in your team and company and give you a sense of great pride and achievement like he has felt working in this great sector.