Strata Services Specialist

Strata Services Specialists have a sound knowledge of and commitment to working within strata schemes, community schemes and company title buildings and their associated rules and by-laws.

The SCA (NSW) Strata Services Specialist course equips service providers within the strata industry with specific knowledge. This assists them to provide a professional and unique service that considers the needs of strata owners and strata managers.

The course covers the following topics: 

  1. Introduction to the Strata Industry
  2. Ethical Practice
  3. Risk Management
  4. Strata Plan Interpretation
  5. Owners Corporations Meetings
  6. Building Management

Cost: $150

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SCA (NSW) is urging strong support of individuals and companies who have made a commitment to the strata industry by becoming Strata Service Specialists. Look out for the logo which tells you that you’re dealing with an individual or company that knows and understands strata.

The Strata Services Company Specialist logo is also placed against the Company listing/s in the SCA (NSW) Strata Services Directory (SSD).


Strata Services Company Specialist covers all employees of the company and the logo may be used for company marketing purposes.

Strata Services Company Specialist criteria;

Number of employees: Number of employees required to have completed the course for the company to hold Strata Services Company Specialisation:
One (1) One (1)
Two (2) – Five (5) Two (2)
Six (6) or more Forty percent (40%)

Please note: only SCA (NSW) members are able to become Strata Services Specialists, however non members working for member companies count towards the Strata Services Company Specialisation criteria.