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SCA (NSW) strives to ensure that all strata manager members are able to deliver

services to the public that are of the highest professional and ethical standard.

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Strata Committee Training Course

The Strata Committee Training course focuses on good governance and how it helps strata committees achieve compliance with the strata legislation and meet expectations of the stakeholders. During this session we will highlight what is a legal obligation vs. optional or suggestion.

Whether you are taking up the responsibilities of a committee member for the first time or you are an experienced committee member, there is always something you can do to improve your knowledge and the governance of your strata community.

SCA (NSW) aims to raise and support awareness of the important role committee members play in the management of their strata community.

Key Learning Areas:

– Governance and Ethics
– Role and Responsibilities
– Strata Plan Interpretation
– Administration Matters
– Communications

If you own or live in a Strata Community, this course is for you!

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Strata Committee Training Course

$ 50 00
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