All members of our Strata Manager Chapter are ‘PROFESSIONAL STRATA MANAGERS’.

SCA (NSW) strives to ensure that all strata manager members are able to deliver

services to the public that are of the highest professional and ethical standard.

Education for Class 1 Agents (Principals & LICs)


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SCA (NSW) partners with the Australian College of Professionals (ACOP) to deliver education to the strata sector.

Below are the courses for Class 1 Agents:

  • CPP51119 – Diploma of Property (Agency Management)
  • CPP50307 – Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management)

To enquire about these courses please email us.

CPD Training Courses:

SCA (NSW) is an ‘Approved CPD provider’ as required by NSW Fair Trading.

We offer high quality and flexible Compulsory CPD and Elective CPD courses for Class 1 and 2 Strata Agents.

CPD for Compulsory and Elective courses are delivered as:

  • Online – E-Learning,
  • Webinar – On-demand
  • Webinars – Live

Direct sessions (In -House) are also available upon request.

View all available courses:

NSW – Class 1: CPD Bundle (9 Hours)

Topics: Compulsory, Elective, Business Skill

Cost: $335.00 (including GST) – Member Price Only

Assessments are multiple-choice. Access to assessments is provided to students on the SCA e-Learning Platform.

Upon successful completion of assessments, students will receive their Certificates via email, and can download them from the SCA e-Learning Platform at their convenience.

To purchase the bundle