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As part of the new reforms, the new CPD arrangements commenced from the 23 March 2020.

Key Changes:

  • Licence renewal dates remain the same as prior to the commencement of the reforms, so a Licensee with an expiry date of 8 August 2020 is still due to renew by that date. Your CPD due date is no longer aligned with this date, but with the new CPD Year. You do not have to have completed all your CPD by your Licence renewal date.
  • The new CPD Year for all Certificate and Licence holders starts on the 23 March each year and ends on the 22 March the following year.
  • All Licence holders must complete their new CPD obligations before the 22 March in line with the CPD Year.
  • All individuals holding a Class 1 Licence or Class 2 Licence must complete the CPD specified under their Licence Class and CPD Category.
  • Certificate of Registration holders (now under Licence Class: Assistant Agent) must complete at least three (3) units each CPD Year from a valid Certificate IV qualification, which counts as their CPD. Assistant Agents can complete any of the units from the Certificate IV qualification.

Further information on CPD can be found on the Property Professionals page of the NSW Fair Trading website.

The following diagram illustrates the relevant CPD categories and the corresponding CPD Learning Areas for each Licence Class. 

To check your NSW Licence Class please click here.

Licence and certificate holders must retain their own records of any Compulsory, Elective or Business Skills topics completed.

  • Certificate of Registration holders must retain the Statement of Attainment issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for each unit completed from the relevant Certificate IV for their area of practice.
  • Licence holders (Class 1 and Class 2) must retain all records for three (3) years.
  • Certificate of Registration holders must retain all records for four (4) years.

Licence and Certificate holders will also be required to provide evidence to the Department of NSW Fair Trading that they have completed the required CPD Hours from the relevant CPD Learning Areas

SCA (NSW) Members CPD records will be maintained by the association, however individuals are advised to retain their own records and must provide these records as evidence if requested by NSW Fair Trading.

To request a replacement CPD Certificate (issued prior to 01/05/2020), please click here.

CPD Certificates issued after the 01/05/2020 will be available to download from your Member Portal on our Education e-Learning Platform.

The new CPD arrangements do not provide for the carry-over of CPD from one year to the next.

However, to assist in transitioning to the new arrangements, Licence holders can bring forward any CPD undertaken before the reforms start on 23 March 2020 if the CPD was completed within the licence year immediately preceding their first renewal under the new system.

Three (3) CPD points under the previous arrangements will be counted as equivalent to 1 hour of CPD (not points), and the carry-over CPD will be credited only towards elective learning requirements.

Note: This carry-over arrangement will only be available during the first year of the new licensing system (23 March 2020 – 22 March 2021). 

As Assistant Agents are required to complete units from their related Certificate IV qualification, units completed since the certificate holder’s last renewal can be carried forward.